Bail Bond Advice In Fort Lauderdale

Posted By on March 3, 2017

If you find yourself in trouble with the law and end up in jail it can be a very scary experience. The first thing that you should do if you find yourself in this situation is to call an experienced criminal defense attorney who understands criminal law. Call a lawyer in whatever area you have allegedly committed the crime. It should be noted that there are a tremendous amount of stressful issues that will be involved in this type of legal case and if you try to do it on your own it could be overwhelming.

An experienced criminal defense attorney on the other hand will be able to help you with things such as posting bail, finding the bail bond agent, getting released on your own recognizance, and preparing for any court proceedings. There are so many things to consider and your lawyer has the experience and knowledge to handle them all. Choose a lawyer that you feel comfortable with and that has a history of trial cases similar to the situation you find yourself in.

Your attorney will help you to understand that you can either be released on your own recognizance or released after paying bail. Being released on your own recognizance will be determined by a judge. The judge will consider certain criteria such as if you have had a past criminal record, the seriousness of the alleged crime, if you pose a danger to someone else, and what are your ties to the community.

When being released on your own recognizance you will make a written promise to appear on a specific future court date. If you fail to appear on that specific court date then there will be an arrest warrant made out and issued. There are cases where the court will not allow someone to be released on their own recognizance. In these cases the court will demand a financial guarantee. This financial guarantee is made by means of bail. You can pay your own bail or if you do not have the funds then you can retain the services of a reputable

A bail bond agency can charge up to 20% of the total bail amount. Once the bail has been posted the court will provide a document so that you can be freed from jail. Once again, talk to your lawyer who will be able to suggest a good bail bond agency