What Is The Advantages Of Oral Drug Tests

Posted By on June 30, 2016

Drug addiction is definitely a deathly habit which, although begins with a curiosity for tasting a drug, but ends with a drug abuse or drug addiction and it is certainly not easy to get rid of this bad habit. The drug abuse is increasing day by day and now it is time to take serious steps to eradicate the use of drugs in the society in order to keep the society, economy and environment safe and secure.


Drug addiction is a threat not only to the drug addict himself, but also to his family and to the workplace in which the addict is working plus the environment in which he is releasing carcinogens and other dangerous chemicals by smoking hashish, marijuana and other dangerous drugs. Visit National Institute of Drug Abuse for further information.

Oral drug tests are made specifically for this purpose, in order to identify the use of drugs among the people so that proper steps can be taken in order to treat them timely. Although there are a number of drug detection tests as mentioned in the Drug Tests in Bulk blog, but the advantages that an oral drug testing provides you is matchless.

Advantages of Oral Drug Tests:

Oral drug tests offer a number of advantages over other type of testing techniques. Below are described a few of these advantages:

Easy to Use:

Oral drugs are quite easy to work with as there are no privacy issues involved with it as it works using the saliva samples which can be taken even in public. You can easily get the samples and quickly get the results without waiting for days.

Quick Results:

As with the urine and blood tests, you have to wait for days to get the results of a drug testing. This is not the case with oral drug testing as the result is given within a few minutes. It is quite efficient, that is why it is more desirable.

Cost Efficiency:

Urine and blood tests require special type of equipment for the collection of samples which increase the cost of drug testing. Plus you have to pay at labs as well to test the samples. Oral drug tests can be tested at home using drug test kits easily cutting the cost.

Test Different Drugs:

Multiple drugs can be detected using this testing technique. These drugs include marijuana, cannabinoid, cocaine, PCP, etc. Follow https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saliva_testing for details.